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Holiday Beef Jerky Recipe


1. To make the cutting process easier, try freezing your meat no longer than 30 minutes prior. Either way, you will want to slice your meat into strips about 1/4″ thick (or get creative and try Christmas shaped cookie cutters!).

2. Combine the salt and curing salt with your meat and let sit. Some people let their meat cure in the fridge an hour and some do it for 2 days, itís your preference.

3. Add the remaining ingredients, the measurements are your preference but try not to use more than just a pinch of cinnamon on each side of your jerky strips, cinnamon can be very strong! After mixing all of your ingredients into your meat, you can either let it marinate for a while in the fridge again or go straight to your dehydrating method.

4. If using a dehydrator, lay out your strips onto the racks, without touching and dehydrate on the lowest temperature anywhere from 12-24 hours. Be sure and check periodically so you can have your jerky just the way you want it! If youíre using an oven, set it to the lowest temperature, foil line a cookie sheet and lay out your strips without touching and stick it in the oven. Keep the oven door propped open for ventilation and let dehydrate anywhere from 3-9 hours. Remember, the longer you dry out your meat the harder it gets and you donít want to cook it so, check often if using the oven method


 1 lb. beef (or any meat type)

 1/2 c. apple cider

 1/3 tsp. white pepper

 1/5 tsp. nutmeg

 1 Tb. corn syrup



 curing salt

BBQ Beef Jerky Recipe


 2 Tb. brown sugar

 2 Tb. Worcestershire

 2/3 c. ketchup





†††††† BBQ† Seasoning

 1 lb. beef (or any meat type)


1. If youíd like, freeze your meat for half an hour prior to cutting to make this task a lil easier. Slice your meat into strips about 1/4″ thick and slice up your garlic and onion as well.

2. Go ahead and sprinkle on your salt, pepper, and BBQ , heavy on the BBQ seasoning! Now, add as much Worcestershire sauce and brown sugar as youíd like. However, keep in mind that we are going for a BBQ flavor so, the BBQ Seasoning will be used more than any other ingredient and the others are just there to add a little bit of sweetness.

3. Now decide which cooking method you want to use. Which ever one you choose, set it on the lowest temp. and lay out your meat strips without touching or overlapping one another. If youíre using the oven, keep the door propped open for ventilation and if youíre using a smoker, you might want to use non-seasoned chips to lock in that BBQ taste youíll get with the BBQ . Which ever method you decide to use, the length of time you dry your meat out is up to you so check it periodically. Typically jerky is dried out anywhere from 6-20 hours. Enjoy!

†Hot Beef Jerky


 3 pounds of beef (or any meat type)

Hot sauce of choice

 Meat Tenderizer

 Table salt (or curing salt)



1. You can either season your meat before you cut it or go ahead and cut it into strips and then season. Either way, poke some holes into your meat and pour on the hot Sauce to get that spicy flavor all the way into the middle of your meat! Also sprinkle on your meat tenderizer, salt and pepper. You wont need any other hot/spicy ingredients because the Insanity Sauce will definitely take care of that!

2. If youíre going with the dehydrator method, go ahead and set it on itís lowest temp. and set out your strips on the racks, without touching. The length of time is up to you but typically itís anywhere between 12-20 hours.

3. Oven Method - set your oven on its lowest temp. as well and cover a cookie sheet with foil and lay out your strips, without touching and pop into the oven! Remember, leave the oven door propped open for proper ventilation and dry out for about 6-10 hours but check periodically.

4. Smoker - have your chips picked out ahead of time, the flavor is up to you, and lay out your strips, without touching, on the racks with the temp. set to the lowest possible. Check occasionally anywhere after the first couple of hours. Should be done after around 5-8. Enjoy!

Island Cowboy Beef Jerky Recipe


 1 1/2 pounds beef (or any meat type)

 2 tablespoons soy sauce

 1 tablespoon grated ginger

 1/4 teaspoon black pepper

 1/4 cups lime juice

 2 tablespoons Worcestershire

 1 teaspoon red pepper - crushed

 1/8 teaspoon liquid smoke

 cooking spray


1. Cut your meat into 1/8″ to 1/4″ thick slices. (It may help to slightly freeze before hand)

2. Mix lime juice, soy sauce, Worcestershire, ginger, both types of pepper and liquid smoke.

3. Add meat and coat.

4. Cover and refrigerate for at least 6 hours.

5. Dry meat according to your dehydrator